Event date:
Mar 17 2023 11:00 am

Elements of Scientific Writing

Dr. Khurram Bashir
Dean’s Smart Lab, 4th floor SBASSE
Dr. Khurram Bashir is an Associate Professor in the Department of Life Sciences at SBASSE, LUMS. As a plant and agricultural biologist, his research spans plant response to different abiotic stresses, such as mineral deficiency, drought and heat stress. Dr. Khurram co-teaches ‘BIO 403: Critical Thinking, Scientific Writing and Ethics’ where he imparts his students with a robust understanding of the principles of scientific writing and scientific ethics with the aim of strengthening their manuscript/thesis/report-writing skills.

In order to thrive in an increasingly competitive milieu, it is critical for students conducting scientific research to communicate their ideas and findings effectively to their peers, supervisors, and the wider scientific community. Writing is one of the primary modes of communication in science; therefore, this workshop is designed to provide an overview of the essential elements of scientific writing. It will cover the dos and don’ts of scientific writing, and the basics of writing the different components of scientific papers. Alongside these writing skills, students will be exposed to the ecosystem of scientific publishing to elevate their understanding of how the writing and publishing processes are integrated.