Event date:
Apr 7 2023 11:00 am

Critical Thinking Approach in Experimental Design

Dr. Muhammad Shoaib
Dean’s Smart Lab, 4th floor SBASSE Building
Critical thinking is an integral part of scientific culture. With the development of modern scientific methods, there is an increasing need to monitor and record scientific observations in a systematic and objective manner. In the current talk, beginning with the scientific methodology, we will discuss the principles of critical thinking in designing experiments and interpreting data.

Dr. Muhammad Shoaib is an Associate Professor in the Department of Life Sciences at SBASSE, LUMS. A clinician-turned-researcher, Dr. Shoaib exudes a passion for teaching and research in chromatin biology and proteomics. He co-teaches the course, BIO 403: Critical Thinking, Scientific Writing and Ethics, where he aims to enable students to think critically and use these skills for project designing.