Post Date
Jul 26 2023

Architect Gifts his Brushstrokes to SBASSE

Zubia Ahmad

The walls of the Dean’s office at SBASSE have been adorned with a mesmerizing painting of the esteemed Dr Abdus Salam, gifted by the talented artist and one of SBASSE's architects Faisal Haroon. 

Faisal fondly recalls a heartwarming encounter with Dr Salam a few months after him receiving the Nobel Prize for Physics. Dr Salam had playfully told 5-year-old Faisal, "This one will sit in my lap for the picture," effortlessly lifting the young child. Faisal still vividly remembers the feel of the woollen suit the renowned physicist was wearing that day, but what remains etched in his memory above all else is Dr Salam’s radiant smile. Upon asking him what he had discovered, the laureate’s profound response was, "The connection between everything, and we are just a small part of it all."

Faisal Haroon pictured with Prof. Abdus Salam a few months after him receiving the award.


At that young age, Faisal didn't fully comprehend the significance of Dr Salam's achievements, but the Nobel laureate's warmth and kindness left a lasting impression on him. Years later, as Faisal grew up, he came to understand the true magnitude of Dr Salam's contributions. Using watercolours, he beautifully depicted the Nobel Prize laureate during the award ceremony in 1979, where he was recognized for his groundbreaking work on the electroweak theory, unifying electromagnetic and weak nuclear forces.

It is worth noting that Dr Salam deliberately chose to wear traditional Pakistani attire during the Nobel Prize ceremony as a tribute to his country. In this painting, Dr Salam's humble smile carries on his legacy, serving as a constant reminder of the brilliance, benevolence, and significance of his contributions to the world of science.

Positioned next to the academic affairs office, where students often seek solutions to problems and doubts, this painting is sure to inspire generations of scientists and researchers to come.