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Mar 19 2021

John Conway Spirited Mathematics Seminar Series

As the timeless title of the physicist Eugene Wigner’s article suggests “The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences”, it is prudent to think that mathematics is the language in which the Universe whispers its quietest secrets. The Department of Mathematics has organised a series of online seminars to disseminate mathematical knowledge, which is open for anyone to attend.

These sessions commemorate the memory of John Conway, a highly passionate mathematician who recently passed away. In his career, John Conway made significant contributions to mathematics in the fields of group theory, number theory, algebra, geometric topology. theoretical physics, combinatorial game theory and geometry. He had won numerous, highly honorable prizes in his field including the Berwick Prize (1971), Polya Prize (1987), Nemmers Prize (1998) and the Leroy P. Steele (2000).

Link to past and upcoming seminars: