Post Date
Jan 4 2021

Algebraist, combinatorist and maths popularizer to lead the Maths Department

Dr. Imran Anwar has joined the Department of Mathematics as Associate Professor and Chair. 

Imran completed his PhD from the Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS), GC University Lahore in 2008. He has always been spirited about teaching mathematics and motivating students to solving problems, thinking critically and feeling excited about the subject. Being in a leadership role at the SMS, Imran curated study circles, public lectures and instilled a deep fascination for the mathematical universe, into the minds of numerous students, even outside the institution.

Imran is an algebraist and combinatorist, a rare discipline when viewed from Pakistani standards. His work on f-ideals, f-graphs, and simplicial complexes is fundamental and pioneering. His PhD work revolved around inventing a proof for Stanley's conjecture. Coming from a post-graduate institution named after Pakistan's most accomplished mathematician, and his interests in stoking mathematical curiosity, we are hopeful that Imran's contributions to education and research in SBASSE and LUMS will be something to look forward to.

Last, our gratitude to Dr. Haniya Azam for her services in past few months and leading the Department in these particularly unusual times. It hasn't been easy with all the new challenges posed by the global crisis. Immense thanks to her.

Dr Imran Anwar says that “A student should always stay curious”; read his interview published in the Spectra Magazine: .