Solving Grand Challenges

Researchers at SBASSE are committed to solving problems that are being faced by the new-age human race

SBASSE is aimed at alleviating human suffering, increasing comfort in human lives solving crisis, as well as addressing some of the most threatening challenges faced by human civilization. The SBASSE faculty aims to address these grand challenges through a mediate of projects. Some of the projects that are being undertaken by the SBASSE faculty are listed below:

List of Projects


Project Title

PI Name


1 Making Small-Scale Farming Sustainable Using Nature-Inspired Intensification, Open-Source Technology and Data-Driven Policy Dr. Abubakr Muhammad Electrical Engineering
2 Creating Technological Foundations of Data-Driven Policy Making for Sustainable Urban Development Dr. Momin Uppal Electrical Engineering
3 Radiogenomics of Brain Tumors – An economical solution for underprivileged, remote, and/or resource-starved clinical sites in Pakistan Dr. Hassan Mohy Ud Din Electrical Engineering
4 Combating Fake News in Developing Countries Dr. Ihsan Ayyub Qazi Computer Sciences
5 An Intelligent Digital Platform for Disease Tracking, Management and Risk Stratification Dr. Suleman Shahid Computer Sciences
6 Addressing challenges of Malnutrition across the 1000 days of window “window of opportunity (pregnant mothers and children aged 6-23 months) using an integrated multifactorial approach for an improved and sustainable outcome Dr. Shaper Mirza Biology
7 Development of a multidimensional air quality management system to mitigate Lahore Smog Dr. Qasim Imtiaz Chemistry & Chemical Engineering