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May 27 2022

The Honours Version of the SSE Math Core is Here!

The honours variant of mathematics is arriving in Fall of 2022.

Mathematics is in your phone, computer, smart watch shopping mall and traffic lights, and so much more! It is the framework on which our understanding of the world is built, and the enabler that converts concepts to applications we can use and hold in our hands. It powers our economy, commerce, innovation, research and feeds so many other fundamental building blocks of growth— and essential for asking many fundamental questions about how our world works.

If you have an affinity for numbers or would like to embellish your curiosity for math with more flavour and rigour, the honours version is for you! The SSE version of honours in Math lets you explore the deeper meanings and problems. For example, differences between the two calculus course flavours are shared below:

MATH 101 is intended for students who took Pre-calculus in their first semester or students who have taken calculus before coming to LUMS and are primarily interested in a computational approach to the subject.

MATH 101A is intended for students who have done well in calculus before coming to LUMS and would like to see calculus done with a more conceptual approach and will not need repeated practice of differentiation and integration formulas.

We hope that this decision will empower our students. Some students will be able to tailor their math core trajectory to their interests and to enrich their mathematical ability. While the other students taking a different flavour covering the breadth of the subject, still maintaining desired level of rigour will be tilted towards interdisciplinary connections and applications.