Event date:
Nov 7 2022 4:00 pm

A High-capacity Robust Steganography Scheme for Quantum Images

Dr. Amer Rasheed
Mubashar Khan
Math/Phy Lab, SSE Building 1st Floor, 9-1C1
PhD Research Seminar


Rapid advancements in communication technology have greatly increased the need to develop efficient and secure ways to protect confidential communication of the digital data. Steganography can achieve the objective of covert communication of digital media files. The purpose of steganography is to conceal a secret information media file, such as a message, image, or video, into another cover media file with the property that the embedded information can not be easily detected. 

In this talk, I will discuss a high-capacity robust steganography scheme for the improved flexible representation of quantum images model that uses a secret key generated by a fractional-order chaotic system during the embedding and extraction process. I will also analyze the performance of the steganography scheme using various statistical tests such as time complexity, embedding capacity, and visual effects etc.