SSE School Council

School Committee

Following is the composition of Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering's School Council:

Dr. Ammar Ahmad Khan (Electrical Engineering - Convenor)
Dr. Momin Uppal (Electrical Engineering)
Dr. Maryam Mustafa (Computer Science)
Dr. Muhammad Tariq (Biology)
Habeel Alam (Graduate Student)
Isra Razzak (Undergraduate Student)
Muhammad Farooq Usman (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering - Staff Representative)
Arshad Maral (Physics - Staff Representative)

Please discuss the school-related matters with these colleagues or email them. You can also use the anonymous feedback form: Submit your queries

Deliberations in the School Council will help SSE improve its process, learning environment and will also funnel into matters discussed at the LUMS University Council.


We are pleased to announce that Arshad Maral and Muhammad Farooq Usman have been elected to represent Staff in the SSE School Council.

Our heartiest congratulations and best wishes to Arshad and Farooq on their election as the staff representatives of SSE.