International Biophysics Workshop

The Physics of Information Transfer in Biological Systems


Event Date: March 25-26, 2021

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Workshop talks playlist: All the talks of the Workshop have been placed on our youtube channelfor those who couldn't attend the event. 

Biophysics is a branch of Physics dedicated to the investigation of biological systems. The conference will draw together national and international speakers/researchers at the interface of Systems Biology, Quantum Physics and Materials Science around three major themes: 

  • Active matter self-organization 
  • Nanomaterials and nanodevices 
  • Signaling in biological systems

The conference aims to build a biophysics research community within Pakistan and collaborations with regional and international partners. A round table will discuss how the multi-disciplinary culture required to nurture this area can be created.

Keynote Speaker:

Prof. Gautam I. Menon (The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India)

Keynote Speech on “Active Matter and Large Scale Nuclear Architecture”


Invited Speakers:

  1. Prof. Sriram Ramaswamy (Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India)
    “Active Matter Self-Organization”
  2. Prof. Padmini Rangamani (University of California San Diego, USA)
    "Physical Design of Neuronal Signal Circuits"
  3. Prof. Talat S. Rahman (University of Central Florida, USA)
    "Physics of Nanomaterials "
  4. Prof. Linda Kenney (University of Texas Galveston. USA)
  5. Prof. Ghanim Ullah (University of South Florida, USA)
    “Investigating the calcium hypothesis of Alzheimer’s disease”
  6. Prof. Shahid Khan (Lawrence Berkeley Lab, Berkeley USA)
  7. Prof. Junhua Yuan (USTC, Hefei, China)
    "Collective motions enhance bacterial swarm chemotaxis"
  8. Prof. Suhita Nadkarni (Indian Institute of Sciences and Research, Pune, India)
    “Energy-Information prescription for synapses”
  9. Prof. Khalid Machaca (Weil Cornell Medicine, Qatar)
    “Calcium tunneling: a tightly coupled calcium signaling modality”
  10. Prof. Sabieh Anwar (Physics, SBASSE, LUMS, Pakistan)
    “Avian navigation explained by quantum mechanics”
  11. Dr. Muhammad Zahir Iqbal (Engineering Sciences, GIKI, Pakistan)
    “Two-dimensional layered materials based biosensors”
  12. Dr. Qasim Mehmood (ITU, Lahore, Pakistan)
    “Artificially Engineered Flat Nanodevices for Optical Bio-imaging”
  13. Dr. Ammar Ahmed Khan (Physics, SBASSE, LUMS, Pakistan)
    “Liquid Crystal Self-Assembly”
  14. Dr. Ata Ulhaq (Physics, SBASSE, LUMS, Pakistan)
    “Semiconductor Quantum Dots for fluorescence imaging”
  15. Dr. Adam Zaman (Physics, SBASSE, LUMS, Pakistan)


Dr. Ata Ulhaq  |
Muhammad Arshad Maral  | 

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Workshop Partners 

Biophysical Society (BPS)
Pakistan Bioscientist Association