Sustainable Design and Technopreneurship of Globally Competitive Products



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Are you passionate about merging engineering, entrepreneurship, and design? Dive into the future of sustainable product-service systems with our immersive 3-day workshop. The workshop will focus on the tightly coupled and connected nature of designing while considering the elements of engineering design, Industry 4, sustainability, technopreneur ship, and sustainability.     
In a world marked by an explosion in AI, a geographically distributed work environment, tight margins on costs, and a constantly shifting manufacturing environment, technopreneurship has become a defining method for generating value by developing disruptive product service systems. This workshop will introduce the participants, from engineering, science, and technical business backgrounds to technopreneurship through the design of product-service systems with a view to the current and future global needs. The participants will learn to identify gaps in the current offerings, quantify the value of an idea, and develop plans for designing products and service systems that are globally competitive. The workshop will also discuss lean startups in the North American context with an outline of bootstrapping, envisioning the brand, a product, and placement. Participants will also benefit from structured approaches and methodologies in idea generation, concept selection, function structure mapping, benchmarking, developing ideal customer profiles, digital prototyping, and developing functional prototypes. Lastly, human factors in the design of products and service systems will be considered. The participants will work in a team, work on collaborative assignments to put the concepts into practice, and culminate the project with product and service system pitches.  

Learning Outcomes

1- Understanding global technopreneurship eco systems and product and service system design.             
2- Have an understanding of Human factors in the design of products and product service systems            
3- Understanding the elements of a lean startup             
4- Design methodology for the design of product-service systems            
5- advanced manufacturing and its opportunities 

Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Product Designers, Business Strategists, Sustainability Advocates, and Forward-Thinking Professionals!

Ideal Participant Description

The ideal participant is an undergraduate or graduate student, or a early to mid career professional from engineering, computer science, or business fields. They should have a keen interest in innovation, product design, and entrepreneurship. Prior basic knowledge of product design or business models can be advantageous but isn't mandatory. Participants should be open to collaborative work, willing to engage in brainstorming sessions, and be eager to apply theoretical knowledge into practical assignments.



This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the contemporary landscape of technopreneurship and product-service system design. Participants will not only gain theoretical knowledge but also have hands-on experience, bridging the gap between academia and real-world application. By working in teams, they will cultivate teamwork skills, crucial in today's collaborative work environments. The diverse set of topics, ranging from lean startups to advanced manufacturing, ensures a holistic understanding, making them well-prepared for entrepreneurial ventures or innovative roles within established corporations. Mid-career professionals can use these insights to navigate and lead in an ever-evolving technical world, while students get a competitive edge in their future careers. 

About Instructor

Dr. Ahmed Qureshi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. He is the founder and the director of the Additive Design and Manufacturing Systems (ADAMS) research lab at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Qureshi holds a Bachelor of mechanical engineering degree from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan, an MSc. in Design, Innovation, and Industrialization, and a PhD. in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious grande ecole, Arts et Métiers Metz, France. Dr. Qureshi is also a founder and technical advisor of a clean technology startup Elementiam Materials and Manufacturing Inc. which specializes in digital twins and robotic additive-hybrid manufacturing systems.               
Dr. Qureshi's research focuses on advanced design and manufacturing with applications to industrial robotics, additive manufacturing, process automation, and industrialization. He is a prominent rising researcher in the advanced manufacturing research community, working towards integrating Industry 4.0, metal AM, and AM design. He has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed and indexed documents. During the last ten years, he has supervised 43 graduate students (22 MSc students, 6 Ph.D. students, 5 Postdocs). Qureshi's research has innovated manufacturing systems and materials development for automating traditionally manual processes such as polymer composite processes,  investment casting, assembly through robotic automation and metal additive-subtractive hybrid manufacturing, leveraging the principles of lean manufacturing, industry 4.0, sensor fusion, and digital twin. Some of the innovations include research in automated computer-aided manufacturing algorithms, in-situ quality control of manufacturing process, autonomous laser scanning, and digital twin creation of Multiphysics metal AM processes. 

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