PhD Chemical and Environmental Engineering


The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is offering a PhD program in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, starting from the Spring of 2023. This program will integrate Chemical and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis on sustainable production as well as environmental remediation. Currently, there is no graduate program in Pakistan that combines these disciplines with an emphasis on advances in separations, energy, and nanomaterials. Hence, it is rather unique!

This one-of-its-kind program will prepare graduates to address contemporary and future environmental issues, including sustainable water, energy, and waste management. In addition to focusing on the development of sustainable systems, students will acquire expertise in modeling and analytical measurement in the laboratory, the field, and inside industrial settings, including basic sampling design and data analysis.

The PhD program will be built on both Chemical and Environmental concentrations and will help develop environmentally friendly products to resolve the grand challenges and key issues of human sustainability like water, environment, energy, and food. as shown in the chart below.


Image description: Grand challenges in the chemical and environmental engineering.

With this field of study, the students will tackle current and future environmental challenges as accredited engineers with additional technical expertise in environmental regulations and sustainable management of water, energy, and waste. Some likely areas of intervention for our graduates include the following.

  1. Industry: water and power development sectors, defense organizations, oil and gas development corporations, petrochemical industry, fertilizer and cement industry, energy audit, environmental protection agencies, food and beverages sectors, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and other process industries. 
  2. Economic zones are being developed around the country under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. These economic zones will have several process industries that will require expertise in designing cost-effective and green processes. 
  3. Environmental sector: areas of waste disposal, environmental compliance, pollutant management, water supply and sanitation. 
  4. In the academia as faculty or post-doctorate researchers.

Here is what Dr. Faheem Akhtar, a lead chemical engineer has to say about this new PhD program.

Please click here to know about the degree structure and admission process. For any further information please contact Dr. Faheem Hassan Akhtar.