Event date:
Sep 10 2021 3:00 pm

Exotic features of fourth state of matter in the high entropy region of the terrestrial magnetosphere

In this colloquium, I will first present the rudimentary details of plasma physics and briefly discuss the models that are employed to comprehend the wave propagation in plasmas. I will then quickly go through the important ideas about Sun-Earth interaction and introduce the Cluster mission. Finally, I will give an example where theory and data show a very good agreement.


Prof Waqas Masood is currently the Chair of the Physics Department at COMSATS Islamabad. Waqas has been actively engaged in research in the field of theoretical Plasma Physics for the last fifteen years or so and has published more than 135 international papers in excellent journals and boasts a high citation count. He has won quite a few accolades for his research work. He was awarded Salam Prize for Physics in 2009 and Presidential award for the Pride of performance in 2011. He has been quite active on the National scene and has been on the technical and organizing committees of many scientific conferences. He has also been actively involved in teaching in various schools and workshops for science students and faculty training programs. He obtained his PhD from Queen Mary and West Field College, University of London in 2006.