Post Date
Jul 9 2021

Dr. Adeem Aslam has successfully defended his PhD Thesis

Syed Babar Ali Research Awards Fellow, Dr. Adeem Aslam, worked on the development of novel techniques for the processing of signals defined on the sphere. With applications in astronomy, cosmology, acoustics, medical imaging, geophysics, and wireless communication, spherical signals are commonly represented in terms of spherical harmonic functions. In his dissertation, Dr. Adeem worked on signal estimation on the sphere in the presence of random anisotropic noise. He also worked on the use of Slepian basis functions (a localized basis representation) to support localized signal analysis on the sphere. Additionally, he worked on the use of Slepian basis functions for multiscale (multiresolution) analysis of spherical signals through hierarchical partitioning of the sphere into pixels of varying spatial extent. 
In this high-quality work, a total of five international journal publications have been published or accepted by Dr. Adeem together and his adviser. All the papers have been published in either IEEE Transaction on Signal Processing or IEEE Signal Processing Letters.  In addition, three international conference publications have also been published. 

You can learn more about his research here.