Event date:
Jul 12 2021 12:00 pm

Study of the 2 Higgs Doublet Model using Lattice Simulations

Dr. Tajdar Mufti
Shayan Nadeem
Zoom Meetings (Online)
MS Thesis defense
For low energy phenomenology, the so-called Standard Model is believed to be the most relevant theory. However, it is known that the Standard Model is incomplete due to the fact that there is an array of unexplained phenomena which need further extensions of the model. One possible extension is inclusion of another Higgs field, hence a two Higgs doublet model. Studying the Standard Model as a whole is a gigantic task while, at the same time, several quantum field theory models can be extremely valuable. Hence, scalar interactions within a two Higgs doublet model offer an invaluable platform to observe the involved physics.

A two Higgs doublet model containing two Higgs doublet fields connected by a singlet real scalar field is studied using lattice simulation method. The method is numerical and offers a non-perturbative study of field theories. The model is investigated in terms of one and two point correlation functions for the fields for various interesting parameters in the parameter space. The chosen parameters have certain relevance to different types of physics.

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