Post Date
Mar 11 2021

Condensed Matter Physics by Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar

Spring 2021 – PHY 332

In this course, Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar introduces students to the structure of the solid phase of matter and how the properties can be derived from a quantum understanding of electrons, phonons and their interactions, modulated by the periodic arrangement of atoms. Emphasis will be made on the band structure and methods to determine the same. There will be special focus, towards the end, on the burgeoning field of low-dimensional materials as well as the ubiquitous semiconductors.

After the course, the students will be familiar with the basics of condensed matter physics, enabling them to take more advanced courses focusing on unique materials properties in the electronic, optical, magnetic, thermal, and acosutic regimes as well as specialized courses on mesoscopic physics and devices.