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Oct 12 2021

Making the NMR Machine Cool Again!

Liquid Helium and liquid Nitrogen are just cool – way too cool! They are used not only in maintaining temperatures inside high-tech equipment in research centers across the globe but are favorites when it comes to maintaining pressure and temperature requisites for rockets also! 




Over time, the liquid helium used to keep a NMR machine working, boil off. To keep the NMR machine working properly, its magnets need to be dipped in and chilled with liquid Helium regularly. One such refilling exercise was recently conducted. Here’s what two of the students who oversaw the operation had to say about this exercise. 


Warda Mahmood

“Observing the liquid helium refill operation on the NMR equipment proved to be a highly informative and enjoyable experience for us. Handling and transporting liquid helium require technical background, precise control, and constant precautionary measures. Thanks to the team for this enlightening session.”


nmr  nmr


Mudassir Naeem

“The exercise of filling of liquid helium in NMR Setup was a very good experience and very informative. Very hard job to do and require good background knowledge, experience, and precise control to handle things correctly but it was a very nice experience for us. Thank you so much for this great exercise.”