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Sep 22 2021

Honorific Fellowships – A Giant Leap in Recognizing Academic Brilliance

The entire community at Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering is a family of passionate and dedicated people who are fervent pursuers of knowledge, that never shy away from offering support and expressing encouragement wherever and whenever needed. It is the extension of this spirit to recognise and appreciate hard work that we feel pleased to announce the creation of twenty-four (24) Fellowships for undergraduates in the basic sciences (biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics). These Fellowships are named after distinguished academics, teachers, practitioners, and scientists who have made distinct contributions to the learning of science and maths, or who have made revolutionary discoveries describing our universe. 


The Fellowships for each subject are named as follows:

Bilqees Mujeeb Fellowship – Biology

Professor Dr Bilqees Mujeeb, a Pakistani Parasitologist with numerous awards and honours, and considered by many as a pioneer of the field.

Ahmed H. Zewail Fellowship – Chemistry

Professor Dr Ahmed H. Zewail who was an Egyptian Nobel Laureate, celebrated for his ground-breaking work in femto-chemistry. He is regarded as the founder of the field. 

Chandrasekhar Fellowship – Physics

Born in Lahore, Professor Dr. Chandrasekhar was a world-renowned Nobel Laureate in Physics, whose work untangled some of the most fascinating mysteries of our universe, from white dwarfs to black holes.

Khawaja Dil Muhammad Fellowship – Mathematics

Professor Khawaja Dil Muhammad was a renowned Pakistani Mathematician that authored many books on the subject that stand widely praised to this day.

These Fellowships are created from a generous donation received from Packages Limited honoring the 90th birthday of the Founder of the School, Syed Babar Ali. The Fellowships are aimed to bolster interest in fundamental science and to incentivize students to major in basic sciences ((biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics). The creation of these Fellowships will draw more students towards their genuine passion. 


This programme will pilot for three years starting from the 2021-22 academic sessions.

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