Event date:
Oct 20 2022 6:00 pm

Neural-Thread enabled longitudinal tracking of brain plasticity

Mr. Haad Rathore, Applied Physics PhD Candidate, RICE University
SBASSE 10-302

Neurovascular coupling(NVC), the close spatial and temporal relationship between neural activity and hemodynamics, plays a central role of regulating the cerebral blood flow and maintaining normal brain function. However, the quantitative relationship between changes in hemodynamics and neural activity, particularly the spatiotemporal variations within the evoked brain region, remains murky. More importantly, although a broad spectrum of neurological and cerebrovascular diseases are known to affect neurovascular coupling, the quantitative change of the coupling function and its dependence on the severity or the time course of the disorders remain largely unknown. Here, we integrate large-scale ultraflexible NeuralThreads (NET) with functional optical imaging for simultaneous mapping of laminar neural activity at multiple locations, cerebral blood flow, and oxygenation. This novel multimodal neural platform enables quantification and tracking of neurovascular coupling in a spatiotemporally resolved manner and over chronic periods.

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