Dr. Muhammad Zaheer earned his M.Phil degree from Quaid-i-Azam University. In 2009, he was awarded with HEC Overseas Scholarship for PhD studies in Germany. He completed his degree under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rhett Kempe from the University of Bayrueth. During his PhD, he worked on the development of robust heterogeneous catalysts for sustainable chemistry applications including biomass tranformation into fuels and chemicals.

Dr. Zaheer has got published papers in the scientific journals of high impact like Chemical Society Reviews and Chemistry of Materials. He was a post doctoral fellow at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Bayreuth before joining LUMS as an assistant professor.

His research interests include the development of heterogeneous catalysts for the conversion of biomass to obtain fuels/chemicals, renewable energy generation/storage and green chemistry.

Title Publication Author Year
Electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution over micro and mesoporous cobalt metal-organic frameworks Molecular Catalysis 2022
Programmable Drug Release from a Dual-Stimuli Responsive Magnetic Metal-Organic Framework ACS Omega 2022
Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of transition metal (Mn/Fe/Cu) co-doped cerium oxide-based nano-additives for potential use in the reduction of exhaust emission from spark ignition engines RSC Advances 2022
Challenges for sustainable water use in the northern part of Pakistan focusing on hydrology assessment of non-industrial zone Journal of Cleaner Production 2022
Development of functionalized carbon nanofibers with integrated palladium nanoparticles for catalytic hydrogen generation Results in Chemistry 2022
2-amino-6-methylpyridine based salt converted to carbon electrode material for supercapacitive application Journal of Molecular Structure 2021
Alginate-chitosan/carbon nanotubes nanocomposites: An efficient alternative for co(ii) ions removal Desalination and Water Treatment 2021
Electrochemically Deposited Amorphous Cobalt-Nickel-Doped Copper Oxide as an Efficient Electrocatalyst toward Water Oxidation Reaction ACS Omega 2021
Catalytic C???O bond cleavage in a ??-O-4 lignin model through intermolecular hydrogen transfer Inorganica Chimica Acta 2021
Size-controlled synthesis of spinel nickel ferrite nanorods by thermal decomposition of a bimetallic Fe/Ni-MOF Ceramics International 2021
Populus ciliata mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their antibacterial activity Microscopy Research and Technique 2021
Catalytic removal of alizarin red using chromium manganese oxide nanorods: Degradation and kinetic studies Catalysts 2020
Fabrication of cobalt doped titania for enhanced oxygen evolution reaction Molecular Catalysis 2020
Soft template-based bismuth doped zinc oxide nanocomposites for photocatalytic depolymerization of lignin Inorganica Chimica Acta 2020
A Facile Synthesis of FeCo Nanoparticles Encapsulated in Hierarchical N-Doped Carbon Nanotube/Nanofiber Hybrids for Overall Water Splitting ChemCatChem 2020
One-Pot Synthesis of Heterobimetallic Metal???Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for Multifunctional Catalysis Chemistry - A European Journal 2019
g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf>/CeO<inf>2</inf>/Fe<inf>3</inf>O<inf>4</inf> Ternary Composite as an Efficient Bifunctional Catalyst for Overall Water Splitting ChemCatChem 2018
One-pot synthesis of graphene- cobalt hydroxide composite nanosheets (Co/G NSs) for electrocatalytic water oxidation Scientific Reports 2018
Nitrogen-doped mesoporous SiC materials with catalytically active cobalt nanoparticles for the efficient and selective hydrogenation of nitroarenes Scientific Reports 2018
Stabilized fabrication of anatase-TiO<inf>2</inf>/FeS<inf>2</inf> (pyrite) semiconductor composite nanocrystals for enhanced solar light-mediated photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue RSC Advances 2018
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Robustly supported rhodium nanoclusters: Synthesis and application in selective hydrogenation of lignin derived phenolic compounds New Journal of Chemistry 2016