The LUMS Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE), initiated in 2008, is the first private research school for science and engineering in Pakistan with a vision “to carry out world-class, multidisciplinary education and research”. Modelled on some of the leading universities of the world, it aims to be a paradigm shift for science and engineering education in the country.

Its mission is to:

  1. Create globally competitive technology leaders and entrepreneurs.
  2. Produce multi-disciplinary research of national and international significance.
  3. Solve the problems and anticipate the needs of domestic and global industry and society.
  4. Become a doorway of opportunity by admitting students independent of financial, social, gender, ethnic, or religious boundaries.
  5. Become a model for other high quality research universities in Pakistan.

SBASSE offers a four-year undergraduate programme of  Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Physics. In addition, SBASSE offers MS and PhD degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Physics.