Graduate student at University of Texas at Austin

"Without LUMS financial aid program, I would not have been able to acquire world-class education in Pakistan. I would also not have been able to learn from the strong theoretical physics group hosted by the Department of Physics during my first five years at the institute. The quality education and the theoretical physics group prepared me for my graduate studies at University of Texas at Austin, helping me in achieving my goal of becoming a theoretical physicist." - Ali Shehper, graduate student at University of Texas at Austin (2016 - present)

PhD Candidate Physics at University of California at Davis

I was admitted to SSE In April 2011, a time when SSE was untested in the job market, as evident by the fact that it was not yet accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council. I decided to take a leap of faith on the LUMS name and I accepted the offer put forth by SSE. Personally, it was one of the best decisions I had ever taken in my life. Formal education a side, the opportunities that LUMS offers for personal development are truly remarkable. For me, the teachers that I had here, the friends that I made here, the societies that I worked for, the campus where I lived at, all played a...

PhD Candidate in Theoretical Physics at Cornell University

LUMS gave me the opportunity not only to explore the full range of my academic interests - from Physics and Mathematics to Philosophy and Persian literature - but also actively pursue my passion for sports like Hockey, Cricket and Tennis. My education at LUMS was supported by the LUMS merit scholarship of which I was a fortunate recipient in all four of my years at LUMS. In 2014, I graduated with the NMF gold medal for Physics. Thereafter, I worked for one year as Research Assistant (RA) at the Department of Physics, SBA-SSE, LUMS. After that, I completed a 10-month (accelerated)...

Phd Candidate in Physics at University of Kansas

I, (Uzair) am currently doing a Phd in Physics at University of Kansas. My research lies in the field of astroparticle physics and is working on the ARA (Askaryan Radio Array) experiment which is a part of the IceCube collaboration at the South Pole. I am currently in first year and is doing research and as well as coursework. I graduated from LUMS in 2014 with a BS in Physics and worked in the Physics Dept. of LUMS for a year as a lab instructor and researcher. I plan on to continue as a researcher in the field of astroparticle physics. I am a big fan of Arsenal Football Club and of...

Entrepreneur, Emirates Security Services, Agro Industries

"Being an entrepreneur, I have experienced the support of the LUMS network first hand. It’s great to have connections and friends in nearly every company in Pakistan. LUMS alumni are always very supportive and you can easily get a chance to pitch your products as an entrepreneur."