History Of Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at LUMS was founded in 1994, as an undergraduate programme with just two faculty members. Today, the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering programmes combined have nineteen faculty members, with doctorates from some of the best universities in the world. They conduct research in fundamental and applied areas of computer science and computer engineering, including computer architecture, computer vision, data mining, multimedia systems, network and wireless communications, software engineering and theory of computation. In 2008 the department became part of the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE).

Over the past three years, the research of members of the Computer Science Faculty, together with their graduate students, has been published in more than ninety conferences, including more than thirty top-tier conferences. More than twenty-five journal papers have also been published, with the average quality more than twice the international average. The high output has been recognised both in Pakistan and internationally, with the department being awarded more than PKR 120 million in research grants and industrial partnerships.