Dr. Basit Yameen

Chair Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

We welcome you to the webpage of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the LUMS Syed Babar Ali School of Science & Engineering (SBASSE)! Our rapidly growing department consists of experienced, committed and highly ambitious faculty members and academic staff who are determined to develop and offer world-class undergraduate and graduate programmes in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Currently we offer a 4 year BS, MS and PhD programmes in Chemistry with specialisations in nanomaterials, renewable energy technologies, organometallic synthesis and macromolecular chemistry. A four year BS programme in Chemical Engineering will be launched very soon, so stay tuned for that!

Chemistry, being a central science, has played a crucial role in key scientific and engineering advancements. The chemistry programme at LUMS SBASSE is designed to give students a grasp of the basic principles of chemical sciences through a course of study and research that enables them to develop solutions to daily-life challenges. The theoretical understanding of the subject further augmented through carefully designed courses of laboratory experiments, which demonstrate the basic concepts and experimental techniques that serve as a stepping stone to exciting research along the recent trends Chemical Sciences.

World-class research active faculty members of our department are taking serious initiatives to develop facilities to conduct high quality research at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our research endeavors are particularly focused on developing new products and processes for application in disease diagnostics and treatment, drug delivery, catalyst, optics, electronics, environmental remediation and sustainable energy production etc. Our faculty has developed national and international linkages which are instrumental in the successful implementation of such exciting research projects.

Our programmes also emphasise the commercial and industrial applications of materials. We actively promote and participate in developing industry-academia collaborative research projects and recognise that such programmes, besides basic research at the interface of other disciplines, are essential to solve problems being faced by our nation. Our department is striving hard to produce individuals having a broad and scholarly outlook to problem-solving, whether they work in industry, R&D organisations, academia, or as entrepreneurs.
The close student-faculty interaction in SBASSE offers an excellent intellectual environment that ensures superb undergraduate and graduate education and research with a potential to produce important and exciting scientific discoveries. Students in our department are always welcomed by faculty members to discuss academic/non-academic matters related to their studies at LUMS and their future plans. We also encourage and guide our students to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) which is always helpful to get scholarships and fellowships for graduate studies at the world’s best universities.

Please take time to explore our department’s website to know more about the exciting opportunities and facilities available in our department. Any queries related to the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering may be addressed to me at basit.yameen@lums.edu.pk and I will try my best to respond promptly.