Dr. Imran Naeem

Head of Department

The Department of Mathematics at LUMS offers an excellent environment to study mathematics and its applications. It was ranked Number 1 in Pakistan by the QS World University Rankings 2016. One of the hallmarks of the Department is our commitment to undergraduate research which provides the students an opportunity to be an apprentice mathematician. Students joining our graduate community can expect to be immersed in a rigorous degree programme that will quickly move them to the frontiers of real world mathematical challenges. Our faculty has a diverse set of experiences and shall continue striving for excellence in core research areas which include differential equations, numerical analysis, optimisation, probability theory, mathematical biology and others. I have been privileged to have spent nine years at SBASSE and be a part of world-class faculty which is dedicated to work across a broad spectrum of both, Pure and Applied Mathematics. Moreover, LUMS has been a great learning experience, particularly teaching and mentoring the brilliant talent of the country. Hence, I strongly believe that if you are ready to work with a dynamic group of faculty and students, if you are motivated and ready for the challenges of mathematical study, then LUMS is a perfect place to explore a degree in mathematics.