Dr. Abubakr Muhammad

Chair, Department of Electrical Engineeringg

If the School of Science & Engineering at LUMS were to be imagined as Pakistan, the department of Electrical Engineering would be its Punjab. It is the largest and most complex operation in the school comprising the biggest group of faculty, numerous labs & facilities, a large body of hard-working students and a number of dedicated staff. It connects physically and intellectually with all of the school’s departments. It is the beating heart of SSE.

Electrical engineering is the engine that drives the information and intelligence revolutions; it is the inspiration for synthetic biology and neuroscience; it is the instrument of scientific discovery in physics and chemistry; it is the user and generator of the deepest results in mathematics. Our faculty and students build advanced communication systems, design hardware for intelligent systems, conceive renewable energy solutions, study biomedical devices and invent smart systems for the manufacturing industry and agriculture.

As engineers of the 21st century, we would like to interact more with society, provide solutions for sustainability, help navigate the ethical dilemmas of disruptive technologies and create works of art via elegant design. At LUMS, we aspire to produce thought-leaders for Pakistan – be they students, faculty or staff – carrying and propagating the values of integrity, professional excellence, and courage to our industry, academia and the world.