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The activities of the Dean's office are partially supported by the Ahmad Dawood Chair Funds.

May 2021

Al-Farabi system has been launched. I am pleased to announce that the School of Science and Engineering is now offering a Windows and GPU based high-performance computing environment for all LUMS Faculty. A brief overview of Al-Farabi, which is how the system is named, is here:

Al Farabi


16th edition of The Particle is now available. 

Particle 16


Pakistan's Global Graduates Programme with UPSIGN. UPSIGN is partnering with the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering to train 40 students for the Pakistan's Global Graduates Programme. In this initiative, selected students will receive training in essential skills including interpersonal communication, technical writing, scientific conduct and ethics, inter-cultural competencies, and critical analysis. The programme will be conducted over summers in a six week long course and will be taught by leading academics from six British Universities. The programme is free and is open for PhD, MS students, juniors and seniors. Application link: 


Call for Afiniti Fellows ad published in the local newspaper. The ad has been published in The News.

Dawn afiniti ad

April 2021

Retrofitting of exhaust ducting in SSE Building.  An exhaust duct is installed in the central lab wing connecting all labs. Volume control dampers are installed on all connection points (in each lab), which can be controlled as per requirement and system design. This exhaust duct is extended to SSE’s roof and connected with an exhaust fan (capacity: 1500 CFM), and the exhaust fan outlet is further connected with an air stack to attain better air dilution. The project team includes the NMF department, Facilitate and Engineering department, the Central lab department, and the Safety office.

retrofitting ducts

Duct 1Duct 2Duct 3

Cultivation of SSE's experimental farms has begun.




Supporting the School in accreditation. A working cell has been established in the Dean's office that will look after the academic modalities required for accreditation. This cell comprises Anam Aftab (electrical engineering), Afaq Butt (computer science) and Shama Rashid (physics). They will be assisted by Dr. Shahid Masud and Dr. Qasim Imtiaz. Anam will lead this unit. The purpose of this cell is to remove duplicate efforts, streamlining information flow between the academic programmes, collating course objectives and learning outcomes for the core courses and providing support to the undergraduate curriculum committee who may like to assess the overall quality of the SSE core programme.


Matlab access for everyone at SSE. MatlabThe School has now acquired a Matlab license for everyone working at SSE including faculty, staff, researchers and students. It shall be valid up to 31 March 2022, and will also grant access to all Matlab toolboxes. I hope this licensing mechanism, and the training material that comes with it, will help our students in enhancing their computational prowess.




Letter from the Dean to welcome undergraduate applicants has been released.


Nobel Laureate speaker at 7th Abdus Salam Annual Memorial Lecture. Dr. Donna Strickland, Nobel Laureate in Physics (2018) was the guest speaker at the 7th Abdus Salam Annual Memorial Lecture. She delivered an exciting talk on her journey to the Nobel prize, including her groundbreaking work on generating high-intensity, ultra-short optical pulses.

7th Abdus Salam Memorial Lecture


Central Lab brochure has been published. Central lab brocuhre

Efforts are being made to spread the message, enhance productivity and garner student support and involvement for the Central Lab SBASSE, LUMS. Student apprenticeships, restructuring of the Central Lab committee, efforts to add new equipment and the attached brochure all speak to this.

Central lab website:

More on student apprenticeships:

ماسٹرز اور پی ایچ ڈی طلبہ کے لیے ایک مُفید تجویز۔

ماسٹرز اور پی ایچ ڈی کے طلبہ و طالبات کے لیے یہ بات مفید سمجھی گئی ہے کہ اُن کے حتمی مسودوں کے شروع میں کام کا عنوان اور خلاصہ صاف ستھری، سہل اور قابلِ مہم اُردو میں لِکھے جائیں۔ اس سے نہ صرف ہمیں سائنسی اور تکنیکی حلقوں کے باہر اپنی تحقیق کی اشاعت اور تفہیم کا موقع مِل سکے گا بلکہ تحقیق کو صحافتی حلقوں میں بھی نشر کرنے کے لیے یہ کوشش نہایت ضروری ہے۔


March 2021

Video showcase of research at SSE has been released. Three, high-quality videos have been produced that highlight and showcase some of the research streams at SSE. These include fundamental research on quantum computers, novel drug compounds to fight HIV and Hepatitis-C virus, and development of a new class of Perovskite based solar cells. They can be accessed through SSE's social media platforms and its YouTube channel.


The Quantum Revolution: 

Targeting Disease:

Go Green with The Sun:

Quantum revolutionTargeting diseaseTargeting disease


SSE MS/PhD Programme Videos. Video messages have been created to invite candidates for application to the SBASSE MS and PhD programmes. 

Electrical Engineering:


Computer Science:



MS and PhD brochures have been printed. FlyerThese contain details of the program including structure and courses offered.





Siemens Initiative on Medical Physics and Medical Technologies. Today I presented two proposals to prospective donors. They revolved around sustainable cities and medical physics. It appears that our school has developed highly advanced niches in these inter-disciplinary areas. I look forward to welcoming partners and collaborators to work with us on these matters, which have significant national value.


Sustainable Lahore








Mapping startups emerging at SBASSE. Innovation and impact are central to our mission. For this purpose, I am mapping the startups founded at SBASSE, LUMS by our students, staff and Faculty. The data will help refine our processes for encouraging academic entrepreneurship, can project these initiatives many of which have wide social and national benefit, will reward the inventors in the University, forge new connections and help us usher in a milieu that encourages innovation and invention.


Afiniti Fellow - call for applications. AfinitiI am pleased to announce on behalf of the School, the call for applications for the Afiniti Fellow. This Fellowship is aimed at attracting an outstanding young investigator working in futuristic scientific disciplines, generally under-represented in Pakistan. The Afiniti Scholar, preferrably a fresh PhD holder, will be expected to engage in teaching of the highest order, catalyzing research directions in her area of choice and taking up a leadership role to inspire other youngsters, especially women into STI careers.

Full details can be seen here:




  • Upgrading Noether Wing with modern exhaust systems. The Noether wing houses the central and physics laboratories. We have now received a go-ahead to retrofit these labs with a modern exhaust system. This will help improve the safety specifications of this vibrant experimental area.


  • Portal to access online courses. Our school's website now hosts a portal that provides access to diverse online courses produced by our faculty. The offered courses range from introductory to advanced levels.


Online courses webpage

February 2021
  • Making PhysLab covid-19 compliant. Separators, floor charts and hand sanitizers have been installed in the PhysLab. The effort was spearheaded by the team of Khadim, Ali Hassan and Hafiz Rizwan. This is to ensure our students can continue to work in the lab with necessary safety protocols in place. 

Footprint chartsSeparators

Floor lines


  • Another cloud classroom established. 5th Cloud ClassroomThe fifth cloud classroom has been established in the SBASSE basement floor. These classrooms are equipped with state of the art equipment including roving cameras with zoom capability and can provide the instructor with the ability to see a large number of students at any given time through a full-wall projection setup. 




  • Temporary staff position at the Dean's Office. There is a new temporary staff position in the Dean's Office, precisely the academic affairs office. The job description requires this resource person to have a background in a scientific or engineering discipline, with additional strengths in informatics, writing, researching the educational ecosystem, assessing our undergraduate programs in the School and the appropriate presentation of data. This will be more of a foundational and strategic position. For detail, please visit this link:


  • New website for SBASSE is live. The new website outlines our safety enterprise, communicates our work to the citizenry, snapshots our research, and portrays the many exciting stories emerging from the School, enlists our human resource, reminisces about the past, and glances into our future. Original artwork enriches these pages. There are pointers to the research and teaching groups in the School, the tapestry of academic programs, a repertoire of activities and projects undertaken at the Dean's office and much more. Please visit this link to take a look:
January 2021
  • Presentation at the 2021 Advisory Board Meeting.Presentation given by Dr. Sabieh Anwar during the 2020 Advisory Board meeting Here is my presentation that, in addition to sharing a glimpse of the present academic and administrative status of the SBASSE, also talks to our place in society, our learning and education, research streams, culture, sustainability and an overarching look at the future of the school:





  • Magazine subscriptions of the Dean's Office. Magazines in Dean's officeThe SBASSE Dean's Office is subscribed to the following magazines and has received a fresh lot of latest issues.
  1. Popular Science (Quarterly)
  2. Discover (Monthly)
  3. Popular Mechanics (Bimonthly)
  4. Progress (Monthly)
  5. Maximum PC (Monthly)
  6. BBC Science Focus (Monthly)





  • High Voltage lab under-construction. High voltage lab wide angleThe high voltage lab is under construction. I hope this place will be set up expediently and could become a nursery for important work in the field of high voltage and power systems. I also hope previous investments in equipment would come to fruition and we could also develop expertise to help the professional community.






  • An elective course on Fundamentals of Bio-Nanotechnology. Elective course on bio-nanotechnologyThis elective course conducted by Dr. Samir Iqbal, will offer an insight into basics of nanotechnology, it's applications in biosensing and nanofabrication. This course will be open for public audit. 









  • Launch of The Particle (issue 15). The latest edition of SBASSE's quarterly science magazine features exciting science and technology stories emerging from the School, the University and beyond, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. It also highlights sub-continent's first Engineering College in Rourkee that conducted its education in Urdu. 
Front and back cover of The Particle


Article on Genome-wide Transcriptional Change

Article on Neuroscience









  • Filming for our research stories started today. (6) Our media consultants and filming crew started with covering our flagship research on quantum technologies. They will then move to green energy, drug discovery and vaccine research. A glimpse from the filming activity is here.
  • Grading approvals of courses will now be done by Department Chairs while I will approve courses with the SCI and ENGG course code. This will save time and bring academic decision making closer to the ground realities and disciplinary specializations. (2)
  • Increased timings of HVAC in chemistry and biology. We are totally committed to safe science. In this respect, we have planned to enhance the timings of ventilation at the fume hoods and safety cabinets. This system will now be operative from 8 am to 10 pm, Monday through Saturday. See the schedule below. (2)
  • The Physlab conducted a 5 S survey of a particular CNC machining lab and proposed practical examples of how 5 S could lead to better workplace organization.



December 2020


  1. Corporate credit card enabled for the School. Hopefully this will help in expediting purchases and facilitating the needs of our experimentalists better, who often require rapid access to materials, need to purchase from distributors in the local and international markets who only accept this mode of transaction and I hope this will help alleviate any remaining procurement challenges. Creating seamless processes for research remains our utmost mission. (22

  2. Looking for a photographer! Is there an SSE staff member in SSE whom I could engage for some DSLR photography on an ongoing basis---someone who loves to image, has the photographer's acumen and can devote about 5% of one's time to assist me. These photographs will assist the work of our science communication team, will build our image bank, will seep into the Particle and will help our team to create attractive advertisement material. This will count as service to the School, key is the passion for this form of artistic expression. (22)

  3. Head of the chemical engineering programme. I am pleased to announce that Dr. Qasim Imtiaz, Assistant Professor in chemical engineering has been appointed as the head of the chemical engineering programme, within the Department  of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

  4. Convener of the graduate programme committee. Dr. Muhammad Usman from the mathematics department is the new convener of the SBASSE graduate programme committee. He replaces Dr. Basit Shafiq who is taking up the leadership role of the Chair of the Computer Science Department. (23)

  5. In Physics, we are creating a new research project laboratory---a space for research oriented projects.