Physics Faculty Publishes Book on Advanced Electromagnetism

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Dr. Muhammad Faryad, Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics, LUMS has published a book titled, 'Infinite-Space Dyadic Green Functions in Electromagnetism.'

The book deals with the dyadic Green functions in electromagnetics and optics. Dyadic Green functions are solutions of the Maxwell equations in anisotropic materials for vector-point sources. Most modern metamaterials and almost all crystalline materials (with the exception of the cubic lattice) are anisotropic. "I hope that this book will provide a foundation to solve a large variety of scattering and radiation problems in these materials. The Dyadics are second-rank tensors that transform a vector source-current density to a vector electric or magnetic field," shared Dr. Faryad.

The book is intended for post-doctorates and advanced graduate students working in Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics. The book is available for reading on Kindle and many other mobile devices. 

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