LUMS Wins the Brian Shackel Award at International Conference

Thursday, October 17, 2019

An exceptional team from LUMS was honoured with the Brian Shackel Award at INTERACT 2019. The team included Suleman Shahid, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Director of the Computer Human Interaction and Social Experience Lab (CHISEL), along with three students, Rabiah Arshad and Murtaza Ali Baig from Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE), and Marium Tariq from the Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences (MGSHSS).

INTERACT 2019 was held this year from September 2-6, 2019 in Paphos, Cyprus. INTERACT is a flagship conference organised by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Technical Committee on Human–Computer Interaction (IFIP TC13). Recognised by the United Nations and other world bodies, the IFIP represents IT societies from 56 countries and entertains a total membership of over half a million, covering all five continents. In the past, INTERACT conferences have catered to researchers from several countries and cultures.

CHISEL presented five publications at the conference; two of these papers were nominated for the best paper award from which Acceptability of Persuasive Prompts to Induce Behavioral Change in People Suffering from Depression won the best paper award in the User Experience Design track. This award is given to the top 1% contributions of the conference.

The study documented in the paper tested the acceptability of persuasive prompts in people suffering from depression through two types of users: ones suffering from depression and the ones without any depressive symptoms. Moreover, the paper was also awarded the IFIP Brian Shackel Award. The Brian Shackel Award recognises the most outstanding contribution in the form of a refereed paper submitted to and delivered at the INTERACT conference, and which draws attention to the need for a comprehensive human centred approach in design and the use of information technology in which the human and social implications have been taken into account.

The research for the paper was conducted at CHISEL. The multidisciplinary research project carried out by students from both SBASSE and MGSHSS was led by an undergraduate student, Rabiah Arshad.

This work also received further recognition at LUMS and was awarded an internal grant of PKR 1 million. Arshad was a part of the proposal writing team. She, together with another research assistant, will be extending this work in collaboration with a faculty member from MGSHSS. The new project also aims at starting a Well-being Lounge at LUMS to promote a healthy, anxiety free lifestyle.

Publications presented by CHISEL:

R. Arshad, M. A. Baig, M. Tariq, S. Shahid, Acceptability of Persuasive Prompts to Induce Behavioral Change in People Suffering from Depression. INTERACT (4) 2019: 120-139

Saad Hassan, Aiza Hasib, Suleman Shahid, Sana Asif, Arsalan Khan, Kahaniyan - Designing for Acquisition of Urdu as a Second Language. INTERACT (2) 2019: 207-216

Kehkashan Zeb, Stephen Lindsay, Suleman Shahid, Waleed Riaz, Matt Jones, Sugar Ka Saathi - A Case Study Designing Digital Self-management Tools for People Living with Diabetes in Pakistan. INTERACT (3) 2019: 161-181

Aiza Hasib, Mehr-un-Nisa Arif Kitchlew, Saad Jamal, Suleman Shahid, Exploring the Application of Social Robots in Understanding Bullying Perpetrators. INTERACT (4) 2019: 635-639

Syed Ali Umair Tirmizi, Yashfa Iftikhar, Sarah Ali, Ahmed Ehsan, Ali Ehsan, Suleman Shahid, Ustaad: A Mobile Platform for Teaching Illiterates. INTERACT (2) 2019: 788-796