LUMS PhD Chemistry Students Awarded Commonwealth Split-site Scholarship

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Two PhD Chemistry students  — Iqra Azeem and Asma Gilane — from the department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Syed Banar Ali School of Science and Engineering, LUMS, have been awarded the Commonwealth Split-site PhD scholarship to spend a year in UK universities.

Iqra Azeem, a third year PhD student, has joined the group of Dr. K. H. Aaron Lau at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, to design cost-effective biosensors for the detection of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) to timely detect HCV infection and its subsequent control, a dire need  due to the alarmingly high prevalence of HCV infection in the region. Ms. Azeem is very excited to avail this wonderful opportunity and said, “I always wished to work in a highly competitive environment with a passionate team and this became possible when I, from among participants of 53 countries of the Commonwealth foundation, was provided with this opportunity to fulfill my ambition. This distinguished scholarship has paved the way for me to not only interact with world-class scientists but also enhance my research skills by working in state-of-the-art labs at the University of Strathclyde in the UK.”

Asma Gilane, another third year PhD student, has joined the group of Professor Abbie McLaughlin at Aberdeen University, Scotland, to develop solid oxide electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells. Due to their ecofriendly nature, high efficiency and reliability, solid state materials are becoming promising candidates for renewable energy conversion technology. Ms. Gilane said, “University of Aberdeen is an excellent platform which has an extremely stimulating scientific environment and the Research Group of Dr. Abbie McLaughlin has provided me an excellent opportunity for scientific learning to broaden my knowledge and skills in material science. I aim to further develop my scientific skills and fundamental understanding of different instruments, and learn to integrate several software programmes that will ultimately benefit my research in materials science.”

The Department of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering at LUMS aspires to establish itself as an internationally recognised and globally competitive centre for quality teaching and research. It takes pride in its unique ability to establish internationally recognised research programmes with a wide variety of chemical disciplines including nanoscience & nanotechnology, materials chemistry, polymers, drug discovery & bioorganic chemistry, green chemistry, environment, renewable energy technologies and catalysis. These are achieved with the help of effective academia-industry collaboration, national/international linkages, impactful research output, and the placement of our students in fully-funded graduate programmes of the world-best universities including MIT, Princeton, Chicago and Cornell etc.