LUMS Orientation Week 2017 Begins!

Monday, August 21, 2017

After the long summer break, the LUMS campus saw its vibrancy return with the LUMS Orientation Week (O Week 2017) which commenced today. The event started with an orientation session for parents and students of the undergraduate Class of 2021 held at the LUMS Syed Maratab Ali Sports Complex. A dynamic mix of students, parents, and faculty members filled the auditorium. The students’ excitement was only exceeded by their parents’, whose smiles showed how proud they were of their children. The entire LUMS community welcomed the new class on campus.

O Week is organised each year for the new batch to welcome students to the University as they embark on an exciting new journey at LUMS. It is designed to give students and their parents the chance to acquaint themselves with the campus and the community, by participating in group based activities. These activities help equip the newcomers with vital information and provide guidance from faculty and senior students, to make an easy transition to university life.

Prof. Dr. S. Sohail H. Naqvi, Vice Chancellor, LUMS officially welcomed the parents and students. He congratulated them and encouraged the students to make the best of what LUMS has to offer as these four years would shape their professional careers for the rest of their lives.

“LUMS is an institution bursting with opportunities for you. An exciting, and yes at times, daunting, adventure. We do not believe in providing answers. We believe in enhancing your ability to ask questions and searching for the answers yourself. You are on a journey. A journey within, finding who you are, what you love, where your passions lie, where your talents lie,” said Dr. Naqvi.

Later, the Deans and senior faculty of the five schools at LUMS introduced their departments and programmes. After the welcome session, a tour of the campus and its facilities was given. This was followed by a batch photo session and an icebreaking/team building session. The O week is planned to be a week full of fun and productive activities. The highlights of this year’s O Week includes a scavenger hunt, a sports gala, a food street on campus, a carnival, a trip to the Old City, mind quest and a societies fair.