Department of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Students Visit Nestlé Pakistan

Monday, December 30, 2019

Industrial visits serve as an important academic activity for students and contribute to the achievement of essential learning outcomes. Keeping in view their essential role, the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering (SBASSE) arranged an industrial visit to Nestlé Pakistan in Sheikhupura. Second-year Chemical Engineering students, accompanied by SBASSE faculty, Dr. Muhammad Shoaib and Dr. Ali Rauf, were briefed about the industrial work flow, supply chain management, quality control, and safety.

Nestlé Pakistan Ltd., a subsidiary of Nestlé S. A., Switzerland is among the largest suppliers of consumer goods across the world. Nestlé Pakistan is serving Pakistani consumers since 1988 and now also associates itself with approximately 170,000 farmers in collecting milk and engages in a number of rural development programmes. During the visit to the Sheikhupura dairy, juice and water factory, Engineer Anam Asif from Nestlé Pakistan explained dairy collection, processing, juice and water units. The students also got a chance to learn about the role of Chemical Engineers in food processing industries.

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering strives to train the next generation of skilled chemists and chemical engineers through excellence in teaching, research through many more similar academia-industry collaborations.