3-Day Workshop on ‘Facets of Algebraic Geometry’ Held at LUMS and ASSMS

Friday, May 3, 2019

Centre for Advanced Studies in Mathematics (CASM) in collaboration with Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences (ASSMS) and National center of Mathematics (NCM) organised a three-day workshop, titled ‘Facets of Algebraic Geometry’ from April 17-19, 2019.

The workshop focused on algebraic geometry and its connections with other areas of mathematics and physics; like Lie Algebras, Equivariant Cohomology, and Mirror Symmetry. The workshop was attended by research students, advanced researchers and faculty members of various institutions based in Islamabad and Lahore.

The workshop included lectures from Hania Azam; Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, LUMS, Thomas Prince; University of Oxford, UK, Victor Przyjalkowski and Konstanti Sharamov, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russia, and Evgeny Smirnov, Independent University Moscow, Russia.

The workshop provided an excellent platform for the budding community of algebraic geometers in Pakistan to learn from and make connections with some of the leading researchers in the area. Dr. Imran Qureshi, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and convener of the organising committee of the workshop, said that owing to the success of the workshop they aim to continue this trend in the future with CASM.