Former LUMS Student Supports the NOP

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - 5am

Ahsan Ejaz did not graduate from LUMS, but he did spend 3 years studying here. In those 3 years, he realised the importance of the National Outreach Programme (NOP) initiative. He started with a simple vision and with his strong belief, dedication, and commitment transformed his vision into reality. Ejaz, in his final year of BSc (Hons) initiated a fund for the NOP students exclusively with the donations generated from the batch of 2006. At that time a mere donation of PKR 1000/- each, from a batch of more than 400 students was a practical and easy way to put an underprivileged individual through the best educational institution in Pakistan.

Although the donation amount seemed small, the collection part proved to be most challenging. Many alumni who realised the importance of quality education to somebody hailing from a remote region and the difference it can make to their lives, supported Ahsan and helped him to gather funds and contribute towards the NOP fund.  Since the inception of the fund, Ahsan Ejaz has managed to put two students (one girl and one boy) through the BSc programme; one of them is in his last year while one has already graduated. He is presently trying to create an Endowment Fund to make the whole effort more sustainable.

The LUMS NOP seeks out and helps young, brilliant minds to achieve what they truly deserve; to ensure that their skills, intelligence and talents are not wasted due to lack of funds. Funds collected under the banner of NOP are used to help and educate these underprivileged students in one of the best universities of Pakistan - LUMS. There is no paucity of talent in the country but the only thing lacking are avenues to channelise this brilliance and thus, NOP proves to be a great initiative and an ideal way to make sure this brilliance is not wasted.

A special acknowledgement needs to go to the following LUMS alumni - Sumayya Zubair, Rabia Waqar, Kazi Muhammad, Umar Nadeem, Rukaiya Iqbal, Ahsan Kirmani, Umair Haleem, Izhar Siddiqui, Rabea Haq, Foud Shahnawaz who have been volunteering each year to remind and collect donations from alumni. They have directly contributed to the success of this fund, which would not have been possible without their support and effort.