linkages EE

The Electrical Engineering Department at LUMS has developed several research linkages with public and private organizations, details for which are given below:

  1. National ICT R&D Fund
    Safety Assurance in High Stress Environments
    Co-PI:Dr Ijaz Haider Naqvi
  2. National ICT R&D Fund
    Self-Managing Energy Systems in Buildings
    Co-PI:Dr. Jahangir Ikram
  3. Cleaner Production Institute (CPI)
    Study on Integration of Renewables and Energy Optimization Solutions in Local Industry
    PI:Mr. Nauman Zaffar
    Co-PI:Dr. Hassan A Khan, Dr. Adeel Pasha, Dr. Naveed-ul-Hassan, Dr. Aamir Rashid
  4. MTI Technologies, Mitsubishi
    LUMS Smart Meters – Proof of Concept
    PI:Mr. Nauman Zaffar
  5. International Water Management Institute (IWMI)
    Revitalizing Irrigation in Pakistan (RevIIP)
    PI:Dr. Abubakr Muhammad
  6. World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)
    Bio‐Acoustic Signal Processing (Project Bhullan)
    PI:Dr. Abubakr Muhammad
  7. Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Govt of Punjab Hydrodynamic Contamination Spread Monitoring Via Model Driven Data Assimilation
    PI:Dr. Abubakr Muhammad
  8. National ICT R&D Fund
    Improved Irrigational Canal Cleaning System
    PI:Dr. Abubakr Muhammad
  9. DAAD (The German Academic Exchange)
    Autonomous Land Vehicle for Demining and Agriculture
    PI:Dr. Abubakr Muhammad
  10. National ICT R&D Fund
    Robotics Dead Man Switch
    PI:Dr. Abubakr Muhammad
  11. DAAD (The German Academic Exchange)
    Context-Aware Perception for Assistive Intelligent Robots
    PI:Dr Nadeem A Khan
  12. INRIA Rennes France
    LoMiTa: Ultra Low-power Micro-Tasking: A Framework for System-Level Synthesis of Wireless Sensor Node Controllers
    Invited Professor:Dr. Adeel Pasha
  13. SUTD-ZJU Collaboration, Singapore
    Cognitive Radio
    Invited Professor:Dr. Naveed-ul-Hassan
  14. Texas A&M University, Qatar
    Coding for Cooperative Communication
    Invited Professor:Dr. Momin Uppal
  15. EPA, Punjab Govt Funded
    VIEW Environment Watch, 2008-11
    PI = Dr. Jahangir Ikram
  16. ICT R&D Funded
    Wavelet based Video Conferencing, 2008-10
    PI = Dr. Shahid Masud and Dr. Nadeem A Khan
  17. Mentor Graphics Funded 3-Yr Chair in Embedded Systems 2007-10
    PI = Dr. Shahid Masud
  18. National Instruments
    Mine detection robotics, 2010-11, $30,000
    PI = Dr. Abubakr Muhammad
  19. Zephyr Textiles
    Gunshot localization, 2010-11, $10,000
    PI = Dr. Abubakr Muhammad