Graduate Programmes

BATCH 2013


Aamir Shafique 

Reverse Monte Carlo Modeling and Simulation of Disordered Systems

Hafiz Ghulam Abbas

Molecular Dynamics of Disordered Ice


BATCH 2014


Muhammad Umer 

Magneto-optical Kerr effect in textured magnetic pro les

Nosheen Younus

Optimization of Graphene-based Plasmonic Sensor using Genetic Algorithm

Yasir Iqbal 

Electromagnetic modeling of one dimensional magneto-dielectric photonic crystals


BATCH 2015


Ayesha Imam

Correction to the Geometric Phase with Bath Correlations

Hassan Wasalat

Measuring the weak magnetic elds on the basis of Maximum con dence discrimination

Sheraz Zahid

Correction to the Geometric Phase by Structured Environment


BATCH 2016


Asif Nawaz

Quantum Dot Spin Qubit in a Composite Environment

Bilal Ahmed

Optical polarization and strain of few layer MoS2

Hafiz Arslan Hashim

Deep neural networks, Tensor networks, and Renormalization group

Hafiz Usman Rasheed

Broken Symmetries in Standard Model and Minimal Super-symmetric Standard Model

Hassan Ahmad Khan

Approximate Bandgap Computation Using Fourier Series for One-Dimensional Isotropic Dielectric-Magnetic Photonic Crystals

Junaid Saif Khan

D-Branes and AdS/CFT

Muhammad Noman Safdar

Bandgap Computation of Chiral Sculptured Thin Films (CSTFs)

Sehrish Iqbal

MS Thesis Physics

Subhan Jamil

On the dispersion equation for electromagnetic plane wave propagation in uniaxial and biaxial metamaterials

Syed Waqar Ahmed

Design and construction of a liquid state NMR spectrometer